Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tony Jones and Gay Marriage, Video Blog

I have started to read Tony Jones Blog. If you are unaware of whom Tony Jones is, I would suggest you google the man, but as a short description it would follow (from Zondervan) -
Tony Jones is the National Coordinator of Emergent Village (, a network of innovative, missional Christians. He's also a doctoral fellow and senior research fellow in practical theology at Princeton Theological Seminary. Tony has written several books on philosophy, theology, ministry, and prayer, including Postmodern Youth Ministry and The Sacred Way. He's a sought-after speaker on the topics of theology and the emerging church. Tony lives in Minnesota with his wife, Julie, and their three young children.
Now Tony describes his stance on the issue of homosexuality as follows -

I now believe that GLBTQ can live lives in accord with biblical Christianity (at least as much as any of us can!) and that their monogamy can and should be sanctioned and blessed by church and state.
So what we have is yet another 'christian leader' who believes that Scripture does not condemn homosexual activity as unnatural, improper or unrighteous. Now I say this with the understanding, that I am assuming that Tony believes and subscribes to Sola Scriptura. However, I do not dismiss the idea that Tony could reject Sola Scriptura, Consider the conclusion of an article from Emergent Village titled So Long Sola?, "We should welcome challenges to the doctrine of Sola scriptura. What was a pillar of truth half a millennium ago, has become an untenable deadweight (one is tempted to say, an idol) in the life of the church." It is possible, given the content given to us from other emergents, that Tony subscribes to an emergent form of finding truth, which would involve Scripture, reason, tradition, experience, creation, intuition, and imagination.

Now that there is a bit of introduction about Tony Jones. I would like to respond to a challenge that Tony Issued on his blog about homosexuality and gay marriage, with the first ever video blog from Thoughts of a Christian.


Jordan said...

You hit it right on the head. It was a great thorough response to his question that he will either have to deny sola scriptura or twist scripture like crazy to get around your argument.

Anonymous said...

Please note that Tony Jones DOES NOT live with his wife Julie and 3 children. Due to his sin, he now lives alone and away from his once intact family, and they are divorcing.

Anonymous said...

why is the truth about Jones and his marital situation not public?

The situation re: "his sin" has been happening for long enough

Ken Cook said...

Anonymous -

Can you support your accusations? I would love to see documentation of this. As to this point, I don't know if what you are saying is true.

Anonymous said...

Tony Jones has a girlfriend, Emergent church staff photographer, Courtney Perry. Emergent National Coordinator, Tony and wife Julia are still married. That is adultery, but the Emergence brand of Christianity would consider it to be alright. Is anything a sin?