Saturday, August 29, 2009

More Logicless thinking at 'New Christians'

Tony Jones Blog Seems to be just a breading ground for thinking that is just out of left field. I will give you an example, this is on the same thread as my previous post, regarding the intersexed.
Your Name [ yes, this is the name of the poster]
To the intersexed individual wanting answers...
Just my opinion: I wouldn't seek them here. It sounds like most of the people here haven't walked in your shoes (or don't know that they have since many parents and doctors choose the gender for intersexed babies at birth)...
It seems to me that this guy is guilty of a major logic error. Namely, I don't have to walk in the shoes of a murderer or a homosexual or a pro ball player to understand their struggles/nee ds. I mean this amounts to no one person being able to understand any other person, as we haven't all have the same experiences. I mean come on, lets try to think rationally.

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