Thursday, August 6, 2009

Family Friendly Radio

I am so tired of 'Christian' Radio, there are several reasons, however, the one that I would like to discuss briefly is not the music per se, but rather how they "sell" themselves. It seems to be an almost universal reference by these stations that they are "Family Friendly." First, I am not completely sure what this means... I imagine it means that they are saying that they don't play music that could be found problematic for children. However, the reality of that statement is that the Classical music station is also "Family Friendly." Second, It seems to me that these 'Christian' radio stations so often speak very little about Christ in any meaningful way, but rather simply take the questionable materials out of the programming. I admit, it is good to remove these things, but is it really enough? I mean are they really working to Glorify Christ, are they preaching the Gospel? It seems that the talk portion of these programs are often difficult to distinguish from any secular radio. This is not to say that I condemn these radio stations, just that personally, I think that they sell themselves as less then Christian, and are not forward enough with Jesus and the Gospel.

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Mark said...

I agree, Ken. The radio station is no more "christian" than jazz, country or classical, and has far less listenability. I cannot be sure, but do they even advertise as Christian? Family Friendly I know, but I tend to think it is the marketing juggernauts in society that have singled out a niche market they can capitalize on. Purpose: Make money, so least offensive to the demographic.
Not purpose: Proclaim Christ and Him crucified.