Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Brilliant Piece of Christian Philosophy

I have to say that hanging around Tony Jone's Blog has for the most part been, frustrating. Seeing the Ignorance of biblical theology, meaningful hermeneutics, and Christian Worldview both deeply sadden me and frustrate me. However, there have been a few glimmers of hope. One such glimmer came from an outside link, it was to a final for a Christian Ethics class at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. It is regarding transgender issues from a pastoral perspective. The Professor of the class is Dr. Russell D. Moore, who is a Dean of the School of Theology. The writing of the question was masterfully deep and complex, yet it held a realistic quality. It was Emotional and Intellectual, and powerfully Gripping. Yet, as wonderful as the question was, the Answer was even more so. I would suggest that this would be a great piece to show the beauty of Christian Philosophy, it's depth and richness. Thank you Dr. Moore.

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