Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I may not live in California but ...

I realize that I don't live in California. But as they say, so goes California, so goes the country... Which brings me to Proposition 8. For those who are unaware -- The Passage of Proposition 8 would amend the state constitution to define marriage as the union of one man and one woman, negating a California Supreme Court decision in May that legalized same-sex "marriage" in the Golden State.

This then brings me to who is for and who is against this --

In support of Porp 8.

Rick Warren, Jim Garlow, Miles McPherson
The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod
Roman Catholic Church, LDS Church

Opposed to Prop 8.

Google, Apple, Every Major Californian News Paper (10 in all)
All six Episcopal diocesan bishops in California, and Several Liberal Jewish Groups.

I would like to publicly say that I believe that Pastor Rick Warren, of whom I am often Critical, is acting in both a biblically sound and proper Christian Manner. Well Done sir, Well done.

To The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod - You have done well to speak out on all three state issues that you have. If I were a Lutheran, I would most likely Go Missouri Synod.

To the six Episcopal Bishops - May God have mercy on your souls. I pray that you would repent and return to sound biblical thought. I hope the Anglican Communion gives you the left hand of fellowship. You openly blaspheme the name of Jesus Christ. Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.


Brad Wilson said...

Thank you for the post. I know the all of the pastors who are on the forefront of this battle and can tell you they are all under attack for standing firm in God's Word and His design. It is not easy but it is worth it as God's plan always is.

Part of the attack is from people. We can shake that off - but ultimately this issue is an attack on the image of God (man & woman = Christ & Church). The spiritual attacks are unbelievable.

Please pray for us in California. Your prayers make a difference!

You are also right in pointing out the vote on November 4 will eventually effect every American in every state! Let's pray this state and nation would turn back to God!

Check out an event called the Fine Line hosted at the Rock Church in San Diego on Oct 1 of this year. www.iprotectmarriage.com I think it is does a great job addressing the issues and most common questions / misconceptions.

God bless.

Bot said...

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is not that strident in its beliefs on homosexuality. In fact, they counsel full fellowship for celibate homosexuals. There is a congregation in Salt Lake City composed of non-practicing homosexuals who wish to keep Christ’s commandments. For more information click on http://gaymormon.net/1/hello-world

So far, no gay-rights activist has had the fortitude to burn a Qur’an on the doorstep of a militant mosque where imams advocate the stoning of homosexuals (even celibate ones).

Oh, I forgot, criticizing Moslems is off-limits for the Politically Correct. The Moslem imams might issue a “fatwa” on all homosexuals.

Ken Cook said...

Bot -- The LDS Church actually got one right with there stance on homosexuality, at least for now. Who knows maybe the prophet will come and change things on this issue like he did on Polygamy... never can tell.

That said, I actually commend the Mormons for helping deny special rights for homosexuals.

And it is true, you guys are most likely next on the Muslim hit list.