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Election '08 - Clergy for Obama

Lets begin with the website --- ---

Frankly, Just the name makes me tremble. It sounds like saying, Pastors for Damnation. It seems like the two are just oil and water... That said, I will start with there motto and move on from there.

We are Clergy for Obama.

We believe in Barack Obama’s ability to change this country we love so dearly; more importantly, we believe in our ability to be the change.

We believe in our ability to create a country where:
all children have nourishing food
the sick can find affordable healthcare
our young adults have real opportunities and a future they can trust
the elderly live securely and in community
women and men have choices about their private lives
armed conflict is a last resort, not a substitute for diplomacy

Together we believe in our ability to move this country
to a politics of hope
to a deep regard for the life of the planet and care for all creation
to an investment in programs that work to end poverty
to equal pay for equal work

We are children of God.
We are citizens of the United States of America.
We believe now is the time for change.

We are Clergy for Obama

I would like to begin here --
We believe in our ability to create a country where: all children have nourishing food --

Problem 1: "NARAL Pro-Choice America PAC endorses Sen. Barack Obama for president in 2008. Sen. Obama has a fully pro-choice record, and we are confident that as president he will be a champion for women's reproductive rights." So really the issue here is that Sen. Obama, is without a doubt a liar and a hypocrite. Many would quickly ask, "What?!" Let me explain -- Mr. Obama, claims to be a Christian, I'll be it a unitarian universalist, but a Christian none the less. Christianity at its core believes that Murder is sinful, and an immoral act. It would then follow that if Sen. Obama, truly was a Christian He would believe that Murder is immoral. When looking at what is within a mothers womb, and what a fetus is, it is clear that it is both human and a person. I will grant that it is in an odd location ( though all humans seem to have been there at one point in time save the first two) and it is rather under developed. It is very small and it's environment is different, much attached to it's location. All this said, it is still human, still a person. So then how can Sen. Obama be consistent with his so stated beliefs, and yet be a Christian? How can Clergy who are Christian support him? I think the answer is clear. I think it is fair to call him a hypocrite and a liar.

---women and men have choices about their private lives---
First and foremost, I would like to say that I both agree and disagree with this statement. The problem here is that the implication is that they are talking about the choice to kill their unborn child. Should people be free to make all kinds of choices with their private lives? Yes, Should those choices be allowed to cause harm to other human beings? No. Choices like rape, murder, abortion, torture, infanticide, abuse, neglect, ect. should all be regulated by the state, because they directly harm other persons. They are not choices that people should be allowed to make. Choices to Hurt others are unacceptable. Moreover, there are many "private" choices that the government moderates... Drugs (Yes, they are still Illegal), Sex (passing STD's), Rock n Roll (sound Curfew), Adultery ( if you are in the military). Abortion is unacceptable because it ends a human Life.

--- armed conflict is a last resort, not a substitute for diplomacy ---
No one likes war. I personally don't like war, mostly because unbelievers die and go to hell. That said, I think that the idea that diplomacy can work with radical Islam, is a joke. These are people who's scripture tells them to Kill Christians and Jews. How do you suggest that we deal with Radical Islam? How can you be diplomatic with people who simply want you dead?

---Together we believe in our ability to move this country---
--to a politics of hope--
How can a biblical centered preacher think that somehow our hope is in politics and not the Gospel? Our Hope is in the Cross... We don't want to put our hope in anything else? How would this statement work for someone who is in China, it wouldn't work for Christians there, why should it work here?

--to a deep regard for the life of the planet and care for all creation--
A deep regard for life... well except for the unborn, being as a tree seems to have more rights then a fetus... Do you really expect Mr. Pro-Death Obama to Change this?

---We are children of God.---

I seriously question if the majority of you are more likely Children of the devil.

I would like to make the public statement that I will not be voting for Obama, I do not believe that A christian Can vote for Obama, without sinning.

I personally Endorse McCain/Palin in '08.

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