Monday, October 6, 2008

Evangelism: Fun or Not Fun?

Today I was in a Chatroom that will remain unnamed, to protect the innocent. I made the comment that I believe that evangelism, esp. in the context of meeting with Mormons, is fun. I was instantly attacked for such a view. I thought to myself, are these people joking with me?

Answer: Nope!

Without getting to technical I would like to argue my point, and really defend what I had said.

Now I would argue that first of all we should obey Christ's command to share the gospel. Matthew 28:18ff makes that crystal clear. Now I would also argue that that Christians should Delight in the Law of God (Psalms 119:77, Romans 7:22). To delight in something means that we get pleasure from it. Here is where it gets technical - The Word 'Enjoy' is defined as - "derive or receive pleasure from." The Word fun is defined as - "activities that are enjoyable or amusing." So based on language alone it is clear that Keeping God's Law is Fun, and therefore, evangelism, apologetics, ect should also be considered fun.


Steve said... I agree that evangelism ought to bring pleasure, but the connotation of "amusement" isn't quite right. John Piper would agree with you, but I bet those chatters squirm at the term "Christian Hedonism."

BTW, have you listened to braveSaintSaturn's new album. It's out, and it's awesome.

HiddenSquire said...

So, by your interpretation, each and every one of God's laws should be enjoyable. I'd say that's crazy since there are obviously several commands God has given to people that were clearly explicitly painful to them, were it not for the fact that we're also commanded to take joy in our suffering. And if you truly can live by that, well, then there's nothing I can say against you.