Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Life of a Working Man

I work evenings. And I when I accepted the job, I thought, " What's the big deal, I have worked evenings for a while before this."


It is a BIG DEAL
Because EVERYTHING in Newberg happens in the evening.
And I hate, I hate, working in the evening, as I feel that I MISS

Now please don't get me wrong, I praise God that I have a way to support my family

But, the cost is catching up with me.
I feel myself becoming embittered towards my job,
despite the fact that it is a very, and I mean VERY Nice nursing home
I dislike my job, because of how it of how it effects my 'social' life

Honestly It seems that the worse part is that my theological writing is suffering. I have two articles that need to be edited before i can post them here, but with having to produce a new lesson every week, ( this week is on how we got the bible) there is no time to do what needs to be done.

And honestly this brings me to an area that is really convicting to me.

I have been richly blessed with the ability to research and study and write/teach, and I feel that I waste so much time that could be spent do those things. C. H. Spurgeon was known to work 18 hours a day, and when asked how he did it his rely was, " there are two of us working."

Well there are two of use working (I hope), yet I sleep far to much ( nine Hours or more) and can not focus on writing in the mornings before work. I WASTE so much TIME.

So, Ken, Why are you telling us this??? Well the answer is simple, I have made a resolution, I will wake up no later then 8am every morning. This will give me approx, 6 hours before work preparation must begin for a normal work day. On days where I work earlier, I will awake no later then 7am. I think that this will solve the issue. Besides, the only rest one really needs is in


Courtney said...

Sweetie, I think you should probably set your alarm. You're still snoring, and it's nearly 8:30am. I will wake you up now so you can get some stuff done, but no complaining! I do it because I love you and understand what you're trying to accomplish. Maybe I will even make you pancakes :)

ben said...

wow, you got a nice wife!

I was going to ask how the 800 thing was working out for you, but at looks as if Courtney is keeping you in line. You're so lucky!!

Courtney said...

Oh, Ben, I try, but you wouldn't believe how soundly Ken sleeps. If I want him out of bed at 8, I have to start waking him up at 7! We're averaging 9-9:30 right now, but at least it's earlier than noon, lol.

James A. Ward said...

your wife as sorta thrown your resolution out the window by outing you on the sleep.