Friday, November 23, 2007

Paul Washer

Paul Washer is a missionary and preacher. This video is a clip of a sermon that he preached, and I put it up here simply because it is the most powerful thing I have ever heard on the topic of Salvation and what it means to be a Christian. Many people think that they are Christians, and Paul tears this concept to pieces. So many people in America claim to be Christians and the question is, is that true? Frankly, I don't think so. I hope that you are blessed and strengthened by this message. Please, listen to what Paul says, it is a simple gospel message, but i know that i have never heard it preached like this, If you have any doubt about being a Christian, listen to this message.

For those who are keeping score, I think Paul Washer is either the best or second best preacher in the United States today, the other being John Piper. Thanks be to God for men like this who can so deeply affect us.


Ben said...

So this sermon is called "The Depravity of Man"? I like it and I agree with you in that I would say it is one of the most important messages today, but after having listened to the whole thing, it bothers me that it fell upon so many deaf ears. Just like the cliche response of a youth leader to a concerned student, there exists a cliche doctrine that will cover over the truth of this message or even keep it from being heard. I mean, when I was in high school, I heard sermons using all the same words but to me at that time they meant something entirely different from the real truth Paul is trying to convey. Watching this video just sorta showed me that no matter how good the preaching is, the only One who affects hearts is Jesus Christ. Thanks for this video, Ken.

Ken Cook said...

I did have to edit this post, It was not Paul Washer's message on the Depravity of Man, but a message that he gave at a Souther Baptist Youth Conference. I apologize for the error.

Ben ~ Thanks buddy for taking the time to listen to this message. I apologize for the mix up on which sermon this was. I will post the video on the depravity of man.

MindyVoss said...

I have to first say I love to listen to Paul. He was given a voice to speak Truth from the Father, that I believe!
Second, I love your profile pic! =) Its my favorite. My husband brought that picture home a few years ago, it is the size of a business card...I fromed it in a small wooden frame with "LOVE" etched at the top!
Love your thoughts!