Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Knock at the Door

I was sitting at home alone, on Friday. It was about noon. I was watching the end of the movie "Gladiator." Then came a knock at the door.

I was very confused... I was not expecting anyone, but was clothed by chance. I looked through the peep hole, and there was a single older gentlemen, who I was sure was a vacuum salesmen. He had on a long black coat and a very nice black hat.

I opened the door.

"Hello," he said. " I am looking for John Conrad."
*Confused* "Well, my wife and I live hear, and I am not John Conrad. Is there something I can help you with?"
"Oh, well, I have here a request from John Conrad, This is 203 correct?"
"This is 203, but I am not John Conrad."
"Well, John was looking to have someone teach him about the bible"
*I perked up from my distress at missing the final fight seen* "Really?!"
"Yes, Are you interested in learnig about the bible?"
*At this point I was fairly confident, that this man was no longer a Vacuum salesmen, but that he was a Jehovah's Witness, I know I let out I big grin* "well sure, Come on in!"
"Well, Thank you"
*A chance meeting. I was looking to call these guys and look who shows up. This is just to convenient.*

The fellow, who would introduce himself as "Dean" came in and proceeded to try to explain what the bible was. He seemed very, shall I say, unrehearsed. He stumbled over his words, he seemed very unsure of himself. I wonder if it was because I was intimidating, or he hadn't done this often. Either way it was a painful ten minutes of "bible-learnin" I couldn't stand to Hear the introduction of what the bible was.

"You know Dean, I think that this is pretty cool, but I am in Bible College"

This launched us into a 5 minute discourse about bible college.

Which culminated in him finally opening the bible, to 2 Peter 1:20-21. (which is surprising that he didn't go to 2 Timothy 3:16).

We had a pleasant conversation, and then he asked if there was a time that he could come back. I said that the next day, Saturday, would work.

He and His wife came back on Saturday at one, it was pretty cool. I have it recorded, in audio form. Which may make its way up here at some point.

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