Monday, December 24, 2007

How are you seen?

So I was at the mall today, for the first time in a while, and I noticed something that is quite interesting and I was interested to see if anyone else saw or perceived issue. The issue is this, Women in general are displayed as sexy, attractive, sensual, and desirable. Women who are mothers are displayed as caring, fashionable, intelligent. The two are not mixed and are not seemingly compatible. This seems to be the modern American sales model. Frankly, I am confused by this. Do women lose their sex appeal when they become pregnant and suddenly become smarter? No doubt their are intelligent women who are not mothers. So why is this the image that we are shown and in a sense taught to believe? I mean lets get real for a second, a women doesn't become pregnant by not having sex, is she expected to not have sex again after conception? Why is it that this is the model that advertisers want us to buy into, in the most literal cents.

I guess this then raises the larger question of how are we seen? As Christians, as men, as women, as fathers, as mothers, as Americans, as human. How are you see, and who sees you that way? Who sees only what you want them to see? Do we create a false image of ourselves for others? Isn't this one of the problems in our churches today, People put on the face of christian two hours a week, and yet keep the title all week; to be seen and judged by non-believers all week.

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