Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Overtime Win on Monday Night

As you will become aware, I love football. My favorite team is the Green Bay Packers. That will become more clear as time goes on as well. To the point, Monday nights game was awesome! It was in Denver. In the Packer's second possession Brett Farve throws a beautiful 80+ year touchdown on the first play. I felt like a little kid again! It was so amazing. I literally could not believe what it was that I was seeing. There is nothing quite like watching a long touchdown. The energy and emotion, a feeling of WOW! So the game progressed, and like all good games it was full of tension, 13-10, in the fourth quarter with less then a minute left, Denver is driving down the field, and with five seconds left kicks the tying field goal, 13-13 there would be a sudden death overtime on Monday night. The coin toss, again full of tension, who would get the ball. Packers win the toss! Yes, I screamed, quickly hushed by my wife. Brett Frave receives the snap. He rears back and throws a bomb to #85, Greg Jennings catches the ball in stride and out runs Dre Bly into the end zone. I jumped up and threw my hands into the air in the touchdown sign and yelled touchdown. Courtney was confused, then she saw the instant replay and she too yelled that was amazing. ( The only other time I have seen her excited about a football game was last years Boise State Bowl Game where they won in overtime). Packer's Win! It was so awesome. One has to enjoy Monday night football.

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Bill said...

I'm sure that was very exciting for you. Superbowl XXXII was exciting for me.