Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Introduction to a Sinner

Do you think you are a good person? Such a simple question but it is also a loaded question. How do you define good? Does it matter if i think I am good, if I use a low standard? Can I use the post-modern ideal and say that I may not even be a person? Just answer the question. By what standard though? How about the only standard that really matters? God's Standard.

By that Standard I don't and can't think i am a good person. I am a liar. I am a thief. I am an adulterer. I am a Blasphemer. And according to 1 John 3:4, I am therefore a sinner. And as such I have earned Hell. That is Who I am.

I am 22. And I have tried to gain the knowledge that I might gain some respect and a hearing, but it seems that respect only comes once you either have a masters or are 30. I have knowledge to spread around and it seems that most people are happy where there are. Now this is not a complaint, per se, but it is puzzling. I want to help the body of Christ grow, in knowledge and understand of God, not that I have all the answers but i do have what i have learned and believe is correct. This Blog will contain many of my writings and thoughts, however, please check out what I say, and if it is incorrect, I will change my stance, we must remember that teachers will get a double judgment, based on what they teach. My goal is to become a pastor, and my goal in ministry is to teach absolute truth. I don't want to get wacked by God. God Scares me, honestly, He does, at this moment he could take my very life, in His righteousness. That being said, I don't want to teaching anything false even here on this Blog, that no one but me will most likely ever see. I mean, "hey, i'm some guy, do you want to read what I Have to say?"

I am married. As we speak my wife is making a caramelized apple.... Yum. She is a great cook. ( laugh for those who get the joke). We have been married for over two years now. Marriage is a lot harder then i thought it would be, it isn't all just hanging out, Go figure. But i don't really have a ton to say on the topic, as i am a theologian and not a marriaglogian.

I like Hymns a lot. Modern hymns are my favorite way to worship as far as music is concerned, generally, as i know the theology is sound and thus not distracting. It is a real problem, my mind is working and I think about what I sing, and if it is bad theologically I won't sing it. As that would be blasphemy.

I also enjoy teaching, but you probably already got that from some of the above paragraphs. Currently I am teaching a Sunday morning High School bible study, on the topic of Doctrine and Apologetics. I would love to see it expand into a family bible study, where adults and kids do it separate, then talk about it through out the week. Family discipleship is a pretty cool concept that I been learning more about. The goal is to have parents disciple their children, as they can do it more effectively then anyone else.

My favorite band is the now defunct Five Iron Frenzy, although I have heard that Brave Saint Saturn ( their off-shoot band) is putting out a CD. I enjoy something a little on the softer side of things, but i think lyrics that make me think.

So i guess that those are the basics. Over and Out!

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