Thursday, December 17, 2009

How to critique, from Dr. James White

Not often do I completely rip off someone else's work for the sake of this Blog. However, today is going to be an exception. I have to say that Dr. White is an incredibly smart yet humble man and that when he critiques someone we should take notice not only of what he says, but how he says it. I want to direct you, reader, to his blog for a critique of William Lane Craig's view of middle knowledge.

Welcome back.

I want to point out several things. First is the biblical emphasis that the post has, the repeated statement of being grieved at the sub-biblical nature of Middle Knowledge (Molinism). I think that this speaks to not only how but why we critique someone else who claims to be within the Christian faith. First, is the relation of their teaching to biblical revelation, in other words, how does what this person says relate to Scripture (our guide). Second, the critique focus upon the effect of the theology on those who embrace it. In this case, Dr. White is saying the theology in question points people away from scripture. Finally, he responds with his desire for repentance toward God for this sub-biblical theology/philosophy.

The Gospel centered focus of this gives all of us something to look toward as an example of how we should critique those whom we disagree. In a someone practical way I believe that we can rightly apply Philippians 4:9 to Dr. James White.

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