Saturday, August 30, 2008

Todd Bentley Is Done, Finally the end has come

For those of you who are unaware, Todd Bentley is the Canadian Faith Healer who has been holding the "revival" in Lakeland,FL. He has claimed to have healed many people, yet there is NO proof, nothing shown on follow-up. Here is a sample of His work.

Hmm... Let me Knee you in the Stomach, so that the Demons will come out. So that you can then get prostrate (laid out) before the Lord... Disgusting. this man should go to jail for assault.

However, The End is Here to quote Five Iron Frenzy, According to OneNewsNow
Todd Bentley will step down as head of Fresh Fire Ministries, after the ministry revealed he had an "unhealthy relationship" with a female staffer. That announcement comes one week after Bentley's ministry announced he and his wife were separating. . . The Canadian evangelist will also cease all public meetings, including a 38-city stadium tour of U.S. cities.

I have noticed something, and it is this, it seems that False prophets tend toward sexual immorality. While that may or may not be the case here, whatever happened it resulted in Mr. Bentley's wife leaving him. Here is the real question, if you are in the middle of committing adultery in some sense, how is it that God is going to be working through you to Heal people? It seems a bit odd to me.

Well, whatever the case, I am glad that the Charlatan is done with his 'revival'

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